VIDEO: Max Barskih lost consciousness on tour in Germany

ВИДЕО: Макс Барских потерял сознание на гастролях в Германии
The singer needed emergency medical help.

Wildly popular max Barskih was hit hard on his health. The Director of the artist was forced to cancel the concert of the 27-year-old singer in a tour in Germany. The reason was the accumulated fatigue of max, which led to loss of consciousness.

Max Barskih

Photo: @Instagram max_barskih max Barsky

“Over the last week Maxim gave eleven concerts. And in this chart he is almost a year. We are forced to cancel a concert in Melle, Germany, club NAAVA. We have twice postponed the flight: first time when started unwell, the doctor put on a drip. The second night, he lost consciousness at the airport and took him to the hospital. Now the condition is stable, but the flight is possible…” — said Alan Badoev.

Max himself also had to comment on his condition. He shared that after the incident, slept ten hours straight. Now Barsky health already threatens nothing.