Rudkovskaya and Plushenko decided to consummate the marriage the wedding!

Рудковская и Плющенко решились скрепить брак венчанием!
The producer sells the tickets for your bachelorette party.

Рудковская и Плющенко решились скрепить брак венчанием!

Yana Rudkovskaya, Evgeny Plushenko with son Sasha

Photo: @rudkovskayaofficial Instagram Yana Rudkovskaya

The invitation to the bachelorette party of Yana Rudkovskaya

Photo: @sos_by_lenaperminova Instagram

As it became known, in the family of Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeni Plushenko big changes are coming. The star couple, after seven years from the date of the wedding decided on wedding ceremony. The date of the sacraments and other details of the event are kept secret. However, recently reported that before to undergo the rite, Jan will celebrate this event with close friends.

Date of the bachelorette party is assigned a party to celebrate an upcoming wedding that will take place on 8 June. By the way, recently the invitations to that stellar “crowd” has become one of the auction lots charity Foundation of Elena Perminova.

“You will be able together with her girlfriends Jana to spend the evening in a stunning atmosphere, and the first to see the new collection of Maria Grazia Chiuri. You are waiting for surprises and gifts from Jana and Dior and dancing to the music of one of the top DJ of Moscow!” reads the description of the lot. The starting price of the invitations was 10 thousand rubles, and by the end of trading rose to 250 000 rubles. This sum went through Rudkovskaya, to charity.