ВИДЕО: Максим Матвеев признался в любви Ане Чиповской
The actress was handed the prestigious award.

Anna Chipovskaya was awarded the prestigious prize for her role in
the film Renata Davletyarova “the Pure art”: according to “the Snob”, she became
best actress of the year.

“God forbid anyone out, because everyone
this worthy, — said Maxim Matveev before handing colleague award
which was nominated Vladimir Mashkov, Konstantin Khabensky and Aleksandr
PAL. — But, nevertheless, referring to the vote of the audience, I’ll get on this
a scene of a man I respect immensely, love. The person with whom I
had the honor to play in one performance, and I want to say that it is incredible
pleasure of acting”.

ВИДЕО: Максим Матвеев признался в любви Ане Чиповской

Anya Chipovskaya

Photo: Gennady Avramenko

ВИДЕО: Максим Матвеев признался в любви Ане Чиповской

Maxim Matveev

Photo: Gennady Avramenko

“I think Liza Boyarskaya you now, Maxim,
may not approve: “I Love this
fun to be with her,” joked host of the evening Ksenia Sobchak. — You would be more accurate
with words! Dangerous!”

“Anya Chipovskaya!” — announced the winner Matveev.
By the way, Maxim, came for the social event without his wife, because Lisa left for work
in his native Northern capital.

ВИДЕО: Максим Матвеев признался в любви Ане Чиповской

Sergey Shnurov

Photo: Ian Gregory

Commenting on the win Anya Chipovskaya, Sobchak was
true to herself: “Sex symbol of Russian cinema, beautiful actress,
the owner of the deep cleavage today: Anna chipovskaya and her brilliant
dress with the dead ostriches! You are beautiful, Anya! Congratulations from the heart. Today, Maxim Matveev, of course, get the house on the cap for a Declaration of love, but looking
it is impossible for you not to declare his love, even if you’re a woman.”

Tatiana Arno

Photo: Gennady Avramenko

“Thank you, Ksenia replied chipovskaya. —
the thing I think that people just couldn’t choose between Mashkov, Palem and
Khabensky, so voted for me. I really think so.”

the list of winners of the award “the Snob”:

  • Acting: Anna chipovskaya
  • Event of the year: Sergey Shnurov
  • Movie premiere: Michael Mestetsky, film
    “Cloth Union”
  • Theatre: Maxim Didenko, poetry performance
    “Pasternak. My sister — life”
  • TV and media: “Salam Maskva”,
    Director Pavel Bardin
  • Social projects:Scientific and educational
    the project “AIDS.Center
  • Literature: Sasha Filipenko, the Roman “Persecution”
  • Sports: Yana Egorian
  • Suggestion: Alexander Goncharov, restaurant
    “Mark and the lion”
  • Science and technology: Ilya Chekh;
  • Company: Biocad (Saint Petersburg)
  • Special prize: Pavel Kostomarov, Norilsk
  • Grand Prix: Julia King