Dmitry Malikov: “My daughter is not a professional!”

Дмитрий Маликов: «Моя дочь  не профессиональна!»
The singer gave his 16-year-old daughter role in his play.

Dmytro and Stephania Malikova

Photo: @steshamalikova/Instagram

Dmitry Malikov changed roles: the artist released a music performance for children and
parents “Flip the game”, where he is the author of ideas,
producer, actor and pianist. In
the center of the story — a conversation between two generations: the ever-topical issue of the relationship
the parents and children.

One of the main roles in the production was performed by a girl,
type similar to the singer’s daughter, 16-year-old Stefania Malikov. Everyone was interested in only one question: why the singer didn’t take the daughter to this role? But Malikov believes that Stesha is not an actress, she’s not
professional, she has no experience, and the role
very complex. “As for her involvement in the play,
though the heroine comes of age — she is also 16, she’s a pretty blonde, but
a matter of professional respect. It
real drama, not just song and dance, — said Malikov
in one of the interviews. — I would not
exaggerated the abilities of his daughter. I think its a success is, first of
its age, its name, good looks, with her skills
to communicate, she is good at thinking — gives the network good advice, interesting

By the way, recently Dmitry Malikov admitted that he is not
believes in the success of their 16-year-old daughter. Despite the fact that the “piggy Bank” Stasi
Malikova is already one of the most prestigious music awards of the Russian
show business — the “Golden gramophone”, her famous father — Dmitry Malikov sure
that the solo career was not for her. The singer told reporters that he is very
surprised by this award. Recall, the “gold plate” Stephanie got for a duet with
his friend, 17-year-old singer Urchison, titled “don’t rush us
to marry”. “I don’t really understand what they were given “Golden gramophone, —
said Malikov. — Most likely, the award was given to all who played in the
evening, I got one too. But I’m not counting on her singing career, don’t bet on
her.” Herself 16-year-old girl, which, incidentally, still attends
a secondary school has not yet decided on a profession. She dabbled
as a singer and as a model. And its popularity is growing every
day. On her personal blog in Instagram signed by almost three hundred thousand people! “I
I hope that the disease my daughter is not affected. She likes to sing,
to dance, to draw, but it’s only a hobby. Your life Stephanie dreams
to associate with the medicine”, — says Dmitry.