Анна Седокова рассказала о свадьбе Екатерины Варнавы
The singer confirmed the engagement star “Comedy Club” and her lover.

Catherine Barnabas with the groom

Photo: @Instagram annasedokova Anna Sedokova

Anna Sedokova revealed the secret personal life of Catherine Barnabas. Some time ago in the network appeared the information that the star of “Comedy Club” has received from her beloved Constantine Myakinkova offer hands and hearts. However, neither Catherine nor her friends information that the wedding is not far off, not confirmed.

The fact that Barnabas was a new bride, has officially confirmed the other day Anna Sedokova. The fact that Catherine and Constantine took part in the filming of her new clip “the universe is we.” Announcing the premiere, Anna said that Barnabas and her boyfriend worked on the shots already in the new status. “Thank You for what you and Bones for the first time she starred in the video as the bride and groom! Tomorrow everyone will see what you incredible together! I admire you! See you tomorrow!” — Sedokova wrote in the microblog.

Recall that the affair of Catherine and Konstantin Myakinkova became known after filming a TV show “Dance” in which Barnabas played a leading role, and her lover was a member of the project. The couple formed a delicate relationship of trust and Barnabas keeps repeating that she is very comfortable along with favorite. In the comments to pictures-star “Comedy Club” with the groom subscribers are always willing lovers not only to quickly form relationships, but also to have children. However, to suspect that Catherine is now expecting a baby just is not necessary. Lately, she’s noticeably thinner than called, by the way, a wave of emotions of fans seriously concerned about the state of her health. The reason for sudden weight loss, as it turned out, was the passion of Catherine veganism.