ВИДЕО: Ксения Собчак пришла на «свадьбу года» в неопрятном виде
The presenter missed the way.

Ksenia Sobchak

Photo: xenia_sobchak (Instagram Ksenia Sobchak)

Ksenia Sobchak on Sunday revealed the purpose of his last trip overseas. The star received the special honour: she and Andrei Malakhov was selected as leading a Grand wedding celebration. In the United States was on the eve of “wedding of the year”: the children of Russian businessmen Lolita Avdolyan and Nasara Osmanov threw a Grand Banquet.

Holiday guests entertained Nikolai Baskov Svetlana Loboda, Justin Timberlake and many other stars, including with a world name. Among them was Lady Gaga. The output of this singer she has announced with great pleasure, as is her fan. Lady Gaga, the audience received a warm welcome, but to Xenia the city of any claim.

Fans were disappointed with the appearance Sobchak: it wasn’t very successful experiment with my hair. “Head forgot to wash? Can hot water turned off”, “It’s a nightmare that Sobchak with hair… Need the help of a stylist!” — advised the fans.