Шакира и ее любимый улетели на свадьбу в Аргентину
The singer has shocked guests with her outfit.

Shakira with her boyfriend

Photo: @shakira Instagram

The other day Shakira was able to make a lasting
impression on the guests, gathered for an important social event. We are talking about
the marriage of the famous football player Lionel Messi and his bride Antonella
Roccuzzo, held recently in Argentina.

Shakira with boyfriend Gerard Pique arrived
for a wedding outfit is quite unusual for such events. First,
her dress was black, which, according to the rules of etiquette, it is considered undesirable at weddings.
And secondly, her outfit was almost transparent. More precisely, the top was translucent, and the upper
organza skirt shone through. However, she was viewed a short
mini-skirt, but she was also not made of thick material. However,
nobody dared to make the singer a note. All, apparently, decided that
Shakira can afford all…

As for the companion of the singer – Peak, it is
time was wearing a “Protocol” in a tuxedo and bow tie. And although it’s Peak,
acted in relation to Shakira, as always impeccably, fans of the singer they don’t
too happy.

The fact that he’s Dating Shakira already
more than six years, and during that time, the singer managed to bear him two children — Milan
which has four years and Sasha is just two. Moreover, as recently admitted
Gerard, he wants Shakira made him happy, at least one child —
desirable girl. However, he still
not only is she married, but did not offer. And inquiries
reporters about his matrimonial plans, he responds very tumano: “Marry, of course. In the future…”