Adele lost her voice!

Адель потеряла голос!
The doctors fear that the singer will never be able to sing.


Photo: Instagram

Fans of Adele in despair. Moreover, almost 200
thousands of fans have already bought tickets for the final two concerts of the singer, her
did not see. There are fears that Adele can’t sing ever!

Last Friday, the 29-year-old Adele stunned the audience at
Wembley stadium in London, saying that she had to cancel the last two
the concert of his tour. “To say my heart is broken, — so much
to downplay what I feel. The last two nights I almost couldn’t sing.
My voice was not disclosed, I had this feeling in my throat
dead rat… the Doctor told me the sad
news: I’ve damaged my vocal cords. I
pondered the opportunity to play under a soundtrack, but abandoned that thought
after all, it is no more the “real me” that which I love the fans. I
very, very sorry that it happened… I love you… Forgive me, please…” with tears in eyes admitted Adel during a concert. When the singer swore
everyone who bought tickets for the cancelled shows will be reimbursed the money spent.

Last week the singer had for the second time
to make statements that upset her fans and made to cry very
Adele. Just a couple of days ago, she
announced that at the conclusion of his tour, which was only a few concerts,
it permanently stops his concerts.

“We are no longer
I’ll see you… But of course, I will continue to write music and share it with you,” said Adele. She explained that for a career can no longer sacrifice the interests
his family — son Angelo and husband
Simon Konecki.

But everything turned out much worse than I thought Adele. It is not
only are unable to complete the tour, performing on two concerts.
Doctors are seriously worried that she can’t sing at all. The fact that
in 2011 she was forced to interrupt his speech due to it
a hemorrhage in his vocal cords. Then Adele had surgery, after which she had to learn to sing again. Then the doctors
warned that if the singer will continue to overextend ligaments,
can permanently lose my voice. And now 15-month tour, during which she gave 121 concert seems to have led to the previously predicted sad result.