ВИДЕО: Ксения Бородина закатила грандиозную вечеринку в день рождения
The presenter met 34 years in the outfit of “fish”.

Ksenia Borodina loves to be the center of attention, especially when it comes to her own birthday party. The TV presenter celebrated the 34-letie in the popular “fish” restaurant. The choice of school was dictated by the theme of the party.

For a spectacular appearance Borodin preferred the bright dress with the effect of “fish scales”. Friend of Kim and was supported by the birthday girl and came in shining, shimmering outfits. Gathered together in the school, decorated in a marine style, the Xenia hotel resembled a striking marine fish.

Ksenia Borodina with her husband, Kurban Omarov

Photo: @borodylia (Instagram Ksenia Borodina)

Guests of the festival, as befits a fishing party, were treated to seafood delicacies. However, the table Borodin sit for a long time did not and an hour later after the beginning of vengeance sang songs in karaoke and dancing with friends under the most your favorite hits.

At the end of the evening the hall was officially made a four-story cake, decorated with a figure of a goldfish. Dessert impressed the audience with their impressive dimensions. Rumored to be on the whole holiday Xenia, and her husband, Kurban Omarov spent about a million rubles.

Of course, the holiday not without expensive gifts. Gifts from friends and Xenia is probably going to brag about later. But the husband Borodina told about what was handed your sweetheart bracelet, famous brand jewelry, decorated with diamonds. “I am sure God did not choose the day of your birth. He knew that the prettiest girl was to be born at the women’s day. He knew that the girl would grow up to be able. Can be a caring mother, a beloved and loving wife, an example for many women. I was lucky to fall in love again and that makes me happy. I like the way you look curtail my blood!” congratulated Kurban Xenia in the microblog.