Scarlett Johansson began to struggle for my daughter

Скарлетт Йоханссон начала борьбу за дочку
Actress intends to sue the child from the husband.

Scarlett Johansson and Romain Dorian


As it became
you know, Scarlett Johansson has decided to sue the husband about his intention to leave which she announced in January 2017. This was a very unpleasant surprise
for Romain of Doriana, who was sure he would be able to arrange everything
with Scarlett outside the courtroom. Especially because, as previously reported, the couple
there is a marriage contract, then there is at least disputes over the division of property between
them is not expected. So Johansson
can not be afraid for the fate of his fortune, estimated at about 100
of millions of dollars. However, the “stumbling block” in this case was the question of
custody of the only child of the couple — year-old rose. This was announced
the online edition

says the lawyer Doriana, his client was in shock because he was sure that he already
managed to agree with Scarlett that he will get primary custody and
the right to take rose with him to his homeland — France. But Scarlett suddenly
he changed his mind and, without notifying her husband, filed a petition in the court. Roman called Johansson “selfish, not caring about the interests
child, but only on their own”. Besides, Doriana was very confused by that
the fact that as a result of actions taken by Scarlett, their divorce
the process will become public, that is, the details of their relationship and the details of the conflict
will be made public.

it is the event pushed Scarlett, who
married Doriana in September 2014, the first year, feed him for a divorce
unknown. But in a recent interview, the actress said that she is “not
able to maintain a monogamous relationship” and, moreover, does not consider
their natural. However, she reasoned, theoretically, or already found
a new partner, the actress did not elaborate.