ВИДЕО: Катерина Шпица вернулась в «Ледниковый период»
The actress came to the shooting of the new season of the show.

October 1, the First channel starts the ninth season of one
of the most popular show of the First channel “Ice age”. The rules of the project
remain unchanged. The stars of theater, film, television, sports, music,
ride in pairs with professional skaters. Back on the Ice
period” and former member of the project Katerina Spitz, who before last season
together with partner Maxim Stavisky reached the final of the show. However, she returned only
in order to cheer for their colleagues.

“I’ve cleared a day to come on the set
the legendary project “Ice age”, — says Katya. — Besides, I
it was attended, and now a very interesting and exciting to watch at all
this. Now I look and think, “I should get back on the ice, how much
mistakes I would not have made! Well, I hope in one of the shows I will be able to visit
in place of the jury.”

Katherine Spitz and Maxim Stavisky