Сергей Шнуров сработался с Константином Хабенским
Two stars together give voice to a cartoon.

Сергей Шнуров сработался с Константином Хабенским

Sergey Shnurov

Photo: press service

At the animation Studio “Mill” began dubbing
cartoon “Urfin jus and his wooden soldiers”, which is based on
the eponymous tale by Alexander Volkov. The producers of the project are Alexander
Boyarsky, Anton Zlatopolsky and Sergei Selyanov.

In the center of the plot — treacherous Urfin jus, who decided
become the ruler of a Magical country, to capture the emerald city with his
soldiers blockheads and rename it to Whinged. He is already preparing to celebrate
win, but it interferes with the ordinary girl Ellie, who was in
A magical land at the right time. She really needs to go home, but
first she must help her friends Scarecrow, tin man and lion defeat
Urfina and his army.

The main character
— Oorfene deuce — voiced Konstantin Khabensky.

“He’s a naive person who wants to appear
scary, and people who want to look frightening, always very ridiculous
look, — said the actor about his character. — Urfin jus — example, which
indeed, all the roots come from childhood. Everyone gets played, and it turned into
such a monster. In fact, he just wants some attention and love. I
look at this character and trying, pathetically speaking, to breathe life into it.
Then come other colleagues, partners,
they will do their role, then all this will emerge, and maybe
something to alter in order to it was a living dialogue, not separately
talking characters. As for me, I think that even happens
me during the dubbing. Nose
somehow, in the sky, ears once formed, can be. In General, actors
villainous role more interesting, you can create a very large range.

General, the leader of the busiest Orfina Deuce
soldiers blockheads, will be the voice of Sergey Shnurova:

“Not the first time I heard in the cartoons. I this case
amusing, especially if the role is small. To voice the main character is very
time-consuming, — said Cords about working on the role — in fact, it’s hard
work, and those professionals who are really engaged in this, deserve
huge respect. I like to play and to reincarnate, and besides, I’m in
the principle works with sound all my life, so everything is organic. My hero,
General blockheads, do absolutely tipicne for our, and our latitudes. Have
in his mind there’s absolutely nothing as the majority of the world’s population

Casting for the other roles of the cartoon “Urfin jus and
his wooden soldiers” continues.

Konstantin Khabensky

Photo: press service