Сара Джессика Паркер пообещала продолжение «Секса в большом городе»
The actress is looking forward to reuniting with their “girlfriends”.

Sarah Jessica Parker in the TV series “Sex in the city”

During his last interview
Sarah Jessica Parker made a curious statement. She said that the opportunity
the creation of the sequel is “highly probable”. And actress, of course, pleases
such a prospect. Her enthusiasm apparently shared by colleagues
the filming of the series and his two kinesiol (released in 2008 and 2010
years) — that is, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis and Kim Cattrall. “I don’t think
to at least one of us refused to do this!” — says Sarah Jessica. “The truth is I have no idea
whether it’s a new film or TV series. This will be decided as development
project …” — said the actress.

Assurances Parker surprised and pleased
fans of the series. After all, while talking about the possibility of creating another
the continuation of the cult series has long been underway, until this year none of the
performers of the main roles did not Express his desire to work again
together on this project. However, the first
hope for a sequel filed this summer still Kim Cattrall. In response to
the question is, would it to play again praise her character, Kim says:
“It would, I think, very good. Although, of course, to play Samantha in the
one last time and say goodbye to her forever, for me it would not be just…”

Incidentally, until recently the main
an obstacle to the creation of the sequel was the position that was occupied by myself
Sarah Jessica. The fact that the actress was very worried due to the fact that she
has to work constantly to bring your children. “When I started to play in the series, the children
I was not, and I didn’t mind having to work 80, 100 or
hours per week. But by the time my son was born, James. And this, along with the
other factors, became the reason I didn’t want to play in the series
further. Then I had the twins (Marion and Tabitha), and all became still

However, more recently, as explained by Parker,
everything has changed: “Now they’re all grown up,
and I had the opportunity to find out how they really are
to my absences. And, to my delight, I realized that they decided to support me
in everything!” — said the actress. So now that Sarah Jessica is not afraid
more to part with children, the possibility of creating four new adventures
friends have increased many times over.