Alika Smekhova opposed the vulgarity

Алика Смехова выступила против вульгарности
The actress has supported fashion #tainstvennosti.

Алика Смехова выступила против вульгарности

Ksenia Kurova and Alika Smekhova

Photo: photo courtesy of the organizers

Rose Sabitova and Ksenia Kurova

Photo: photo courtesy of the organizers

For the second time in Moscow hosted the festival of “Femininity
against vulgarity,” which supported Alika Smekhova, Irina Ortman, rose Sabitova, Mikhail Mamaev and Natalia Gudkova.

Motion #tainstvennosti was established in March of this year, business-woman Ksenia
Korowai. “Woman — the Keeper of moral values, an example for their children and
the way she behaves affects fashion our future generations. Fashion
and in terms of behaviour, aspirations, and clothing,” says Ksenia.

The participants of the festival want to show a significant difference
between femininity and vulgarity. And to make it in favor
the domestic manufacturer. The festival was presented only Russian cosmetics
and fashion brands.

By the way, the festival “Femininity against vulgarity”
is held not only in Moscow, but in Vladivostok. For the capital of Primorsky Krai
this experience will be the first in the history of the city.