ВИДЕО: Муж Ксюши Новиковой сделал громкое заявление
Spouse of the singer calls her a goddess.

Since the wedding Ksenia Novikova and her husband Alexei
Sorokin passed more than a year, but, judging by the statements of the couple, their feelings become a habit, and
family relationships in the household chores. On the contrary, Ksenia and Alex still
feel the newlyweds and continue to please each other’s sweet confessions.
Recently Alex made a loud statement: “I, Sorokin Alexey Mikhailovich, horoscope Aries, are of sound mind and memory and declare: all women
as women, and my goddess!”

Ksenia Alex

Recall, 23 October 2015 eks-“Brilliant” Ksenia Novikova came out
married to businessman Alexey Sorokin. The ceremony took place in one of the
Registry Offices Of Moscow. About their engagement Ksenia reported in 2014. Social
network she posted the photo wedding
a diamond ring on the hand. “That’s true!” commented
frame the singer. About when will the happy event, She was silent. On
wedding, which will be out tonight in Moscow, invited only the
close friends. About the chosen one, the singer is little known: he is 36 years old, he is successful
businessman, and most importantly, the man managed to find a common language with the singer’s sons, Bohdan and Myron.

This is the second marriage of Ksenia Novikova. Her first husband was businessman Andrey Sereda. In 2008 they had a son Myron, and in 2010-m
the singer gave her husband a son, Bogdan. A year after the birth of her second child
the couple parted with the scandal.