VIDEO: Galkin took the military oath

ВИДЕО: Галкин принял военную присягу
The actor shared footage of the solemn moment.

Maxim Galkin supported, nephew, 18-year-old Nikita with his presence at the ceremony of the military oath. The presenter shared the frames of the solemn ritual. Nephew Maxim continued the family tradition and entered the military school.

Maxim Galkin with nephew Nikita

Photo: @Instagram maxgalkinru Maxim Galkin

Famous parodist born in the family of Colonel-General. His brother John (Nikita’s dad) also linked his fate with the military. Maxim also to become a soldier had never met. He early manifested a talent for drama, determined his future profession.

By the way, Nikita and Maxim are very close. After the divorce my brother and his wife, TV presenter took his nephew under “his wing”. For some time he lived with his uncle and during this time they have developed a relationship of trust.