Алексей Нилов бросил пить ради третьей жены Star of the TV series “Streets of broken lamps” reported that to deal with alcohol dependence he helped the woman. Without her support and care, it would be extremely difficult to get over himself and start living completely differently.

      Алексей Нилов бросил пить ради третьей жены

      In the broadcast of “Secret million dollar” Alexey Nilov, best known for the role of captain Larin in a serial “Streets of the broken lanterns” admitted that several years could not recover from alcoholism. According to the actor, to overcome addiction helped him a third wife. For her sake he refused to drink alcohol, and for the past seven years, almost never touched alcohol. As Neal says, even at the wedding with Elena, he drank only water and refused to drink. A chance meeting with the third wife forever changed the life of Alexei. New darling nil not immediately found out about his habit.

      The star of “Streets of broken lamps” complained about the lack of money

      Alex says that his wife was not trying consciously to save him from bad habits. She just always stayed with and supported that previously, the artist often sought in alcohol. Since 2004, the couple never parted for long. And all this time, Niles was struggling with addiction that has haunted him all his life.

      “Elena didn’t go for me and not re-educated. She, as a very wise woman, experienced man, was pausing all the time, all the time accepted and endured,” said Alex.
      Алексей Нилов бросил пить ради третьей жены

      Becoming the guest of the program “the Secret to a million,” Elena Nilova said that was very upset that time when her husband was in the hospital after serious problems because of alcohol. Then Alex almost said goodbye to life.

      “I was very scared for him, really scary. Imagine a clinical death. I prayed sitting next to him. To his room even guests came, it was a great New year, even the kids came,” shared life together Elena.

      In 12 years of marriage, spouses have been through a lot. Nilov Coomber that stopped drinking because I felt a greater responsibility for the person selected. Moreover, it was not easy to pay off debt, pay alimony to ex-wives and nil to support his family. Once the actor came to the rescue of his close friend, a colleague on the series “Streets of broken lamps” Anastasia Melnikova. Alexei and Elena burned down the apartment because of a gas explosion in the bathroom, and what time the couple had to spend the night in the room of the artist.

      Алексей Нилов бросил пить ради третьей жены

      Note that in the program Alexey Nilov was found with his second wife, actress Irina Klimova. Ex-fiancee said that he could not forgive her husband that he went to another. She was very upset by the breakup, but soon forgot all grievances. The woman made the man pay child support for their son Nikita. Despite all the differences, the former elected officials are trying to maintain friendly relations, although met with Irina and heir only a couple of times after the divorce.