ВИДЕО: Эмин перевоплотился в испанца Хосе Мамедова
In the new clip of the musician starred in the bride of Pavlo Tabakov.

For the premiere of the video for the new song “Spain.Summer!” Emin and his
the team came prepared with a Hollywood scale. Specially for this clip was
invented comic character, the Spaniard Jose Mammadov, who even started
own account in social networks.

ВИДЕО: Эмин перевоплотился в испанца Хосе Мамедова

Marusya Fomin and Emin

Photo: press service

So, Jose Mammadov supereasy spy born with
a gun hand. He beats the bullet with his bare hands, as it is made of steel, and his
fearlessness go real legend… his head back to offer millions of dollars
but the police and the most dangerous criminals around the world can never catch him.


Photo: press service

Once in Sunny Spain he was entrusted with another task:
to kill a sinister gangster Murad Dadashov and save a fatal beauty, its role
sang the bride of Pavlo Tabakov — actress Maroussia Fomin. It would seem that
another simple task he has to perform in just one day, but from the
the beginning everything starts to spiral out of control…. Can Jose to deal with
the next mission, and this time the luck will turn away from it, and the threat
the spy will be destroyed itself?!