Британские СМИ: Ники Хилтон беременна вторым ребенком
Sister Paris Hilton “leads” with the score 2:0.

According to
the online edition of dailymail.co.uk 33-year-old
Nicky Hilton is expecting her second child. This edition has learned from it
informant. Reportedly, the younger sister of Paris Hilton already in the second month

However, the rumors that Niki
“in position” began to spread in the beginning of this week when she
appeared in the outfit unusual free style at Fashion Week in Paris. As
says the insider, Nicki has managed to share the exciting news with his
sister. Paris experienced at the same time, mixed feelings. On the one hand, it
very happy for Nicky. But she
after all too long ago dreams of a child. However, her little sister soon
bear is already the second, and plans of Paris still
remain unfulfilled… But perhaps it is too soon finally become a mother. After all, as admitted by Paris,
which is currently Dating actor Chris Silkou, she plans
to have his child.

As for Nicki, she
going to make happy the second child of his spouse
the banker-millionaire James Rothschild. It
first child — daughter Lily grace was born about a year ago. Recall that Nicki
was the lawful wife of James in August 2015. Moreover, their wedding
took place not just anywhere, but in the orangery of Kensington Palace. And they met three years earlier on
social event in Italy. And offer her Rothschild did in his time in
romantic setting — on the beautiful
the shores of lake Como…