Екатерину Волкову поразили двуличие и подлость поклонников
The star was upset after learning the reason why fans were looking for her.

Екатерину Волкову поразили двуличие и подлость поклонников

Ekaterina Volkova with her daughter Lisa and Pets BU and Runet

Ekaterina Volkova is deeply outraged by the behavior of their
fans. Kate is not only talented actress but also very caring and kind
people. Therefore, finding near his home adorable puppies
mutts and understand that you will not be able to shelter, the star of “Voronin” decided
to place kids in good hands.

“The home of friends threw 4 puppies, — said Volkov. —
All but one kid already spoken for. Help find a home for this guy.
Cheerful, perfectly healthy. A month and a half old. Suddenly you are yourself looking for a dog!
Email me, please!” The actress turned a number of people that she could
to arrange a casting for the possession of a sweet foundling. But it turned out to be not so happy as it seemed.

“Just outraged those who responded to a recent post about
puppy! You shameless people! — Volkova appealed to their fans. Those
who led the long negotiations to adopt a baby, just wanted to get with
me a picture! Or autograph. Or a meeting. When they understood that the transfer
puppy I’m not there, they were gone. Well, how is that possible? Well, not the toy
it! The poor puppy in the end not attached, and the family of my friends who are now
taking care of a baby, sure — all around the charlatans”.

We will remind, the actress
lives in a country house, and its surroundings often found stray dogs. One
this puppy was lucky — a month ago, the star found in the Metis German
shepherd and kept it for himself.

Photo: Instagram