Наталья Штурм обвиняет Евгения Осина в обмане

Colleague and longtime friend of the musician Eugene Osina Natalya Sturm accuses him of cheating. Last week it became known about the deplorable state of the artist: from disease and long-term alcohol addiction he took to his bed, his legs were paralyzed and all he needs to urgently do a number of operations, which he urgently needed money. But Natalia urged not to believe everything he says to reporters, and argues that, pressing on pity fans, he raises funds for a specific quenching his thirst, not for treatment.

On his page in the social network of Natalia urged not to transfer any amounts to the treatment of the artist.
“You know, this money is not for treatment, and death. The doctor’s diagnosis was cirrhosis of the liver and not only” — said Natalia and added that she personally caused to it professionals, paid for a private room in a private hospital, but Eugene.. didn’t want to go there. Natalia wonders why Aspen would want to cheat their fans.
“One does not understand why to deceive the fans, viewers, readers, if you don’t have the foot treatment, you, Jack, you just have a bottle?” — asks Natalia.