VIDEO: Dmitry Shepelev came out son

ВИДЕО: Дмитрий Шепелев перестал скрывать сына
Broadcaster rests with Plato in an unknown resort.

No geographic labels, names of hotels or beaches…
Dmitry Shepelev shared a video in which Plato runs to the sea, but
identify the area can except psychic. The presenter continues to keep
secret everything connected with his son, but for the first time in many months, he at least
showed it. Last time Dmitry shared a photo with 4-year-old Plato only
after the Christmas holidays.

Shepelevo was able to get his son out of the country on vacation, though
native Zhanna Friske did everything to deny him that. The opposition
between Dmitry and his father’s common-law wife of Vladimir Kopylov years
it only gets stronger. Sound recriminations associated with millions,
collected for treatment of the singer. But most of all loved Jeanne’s worried that
Shepelev deprives them of the ability to communicate with Plato.

Dmitry Shepelev

Photo: Instagram Dmitry Shepelev

In any case, the boy has a father who is completely devoted
his life to education and preserving the memory of his beloved. In November last
Dmitry has published a book, “Janna”, which described not only their
a personal story, but against the deadly disease, which failed
to overcome one of the most beautiful and talented women in domestic