Юлия Топольницкая отпраздновала первую годовщину свадьбы
The actress once confessed to her husband in love.

Yuliya Topol’nitskiy and Igor Chekhov

Photo: Instagram

Julia and Igor Topol’nitskiy Czechs celebrated the first
wedding anniversary. A year ago the world kiss day actress and entertainer has registered
their Union in the Palace of marriage № 1 in Saint-Petersburg. From this point
the star, who became famous after starring in the clip of Sergey Shnurova “louboutins”, celebrated
every day of my married life and even his own 26-year-old birthday
timed to the 300-th day of marriage.

“The husband is the most precious thing in my life — says
Topol’nitskiy. — I don’t know for what, for what I deserve. This is the
great luck for me to be his wife.” Igor, in turn, promised to try to do
his wife the happiest in the world. Recall, your Union lovers recorded after six
years of relationship. The wedding ceremony was solemn and beautiful. Bride twice
dressed in this solemn day: during the ceremony, it was
wedding dress with luxuriant lace skirt, which is decorated to show from any
couturier, and for the after-party Julia had changed into more comfortable
cocktail dress the color of milk.

The groom’s suit was designated a sea
the theme of the wedding. Igor Chekhov was the captain who sailed on
family boat of happiness for his beloved. Party with friends was held in
one of the fashionable hotels in the Northern capital a good company
was the terrace, which opened up the magical views of the city.

Interestingly, the young couple, on the advice of friends, decided
to connect their names and during the wedding they were called
Chechelnitskiy. A year later the situation has not changed. Igor and Julia are still in love
each other, and funny wedding nickname stuck to this pair at all
likely, forever.