VIDEO: Dima Bilan tagged “Miss World” in Lisbon

ВИДЕО: Дима Билан уединился с «Мисс Мира» в Лиссабоне
Model Ksenia Sukhinova starred in a new clip of the singer.

Today released a new video
on the dance hit of Dima Bilan “Stop”, shot in Lisbon. The main role
were played by Miss Russia 2007 and Miss World 2008 Ksenia Sukhinova.

“My most sincere
respect to the whole team for the ease in the creation of a drive for us and all
you, who were waiting for this enchanting, dancing work, — said Dima Bilan. — Ksenia Sukhinova charmed us all in the mood, which came for shooting with her
she feels the moment as much as we do and always will support any fan, I
just can’t imagine those three days without her.

And my special thanks to Lisbon 10 years ago I was here nominated
MTV Europe music awards and it was good to visit again: cozy in here,
history envelops, and as something elegant, something like a family
back. Apparently, in countries where the predominant craft in all its forms, always
so warm and welcoming. And this heat is transmitted to our solar
the clip”.

ВИДЕО: Дима Билан уединился с «Мисс Мира» в Лиссабоне

Dima Bilan

Photo: Anastasia Raikova

Ksenia Sukhinova admitted that the work of Bilan is for her
great example.

“Dima and I work not for the first time (I
participate in his concert in Crocus “35 Again”), and works with him very
easy, fun, so it charges energy all around, says
Xenia. — I think this is his talent of a remarkable artist.
Plus his incredible ability to work: in the background of his endless flight,
performances and filming, it was not evident that all these days he did not sleep,
worked a lot, and also all those in the know. The track “Hold” remains in the head
immediately, it can listen to forever and wanted to convey in the video:
ease, drive, summer, Portugal. I was here for the first time and fascinated by these
places: great people, gastronomy, good climate, though in the ocean sometimes
the wind was strong, and the guys were freezing, but I was lucky – I was sitting
in the car. We have turned out great, good team, and for three days we filmed from morning to night, saw
many places, such as the idea of the clip – in motion: I’m coming for Dima,
me, all fun and no pathos.”

Ksenia Sukhinova

Photos: Nikolay Zverkov