VIDEO: Denis Klyaver became a hairdresser

ВИДЕО: Денис Клявер стал парикмахером
The singer vows his own son.

In anticipation of the new season opened a small Barber shop by Denis Klyaver ? My first client was Daniel, like all liked it ? As the saying goes: “Dad can, dad can do everything, anything ?

A post shared by Denis Klyaver (@denisklyaver) on Aug 29, 2017 at 12:45pm PDT

Denis Klyaver has mastered a new skill — he tried his hand at hairdressing. The first model of the newly-minted “Barber” became 3-year-old Daniel, son of Dennis.

The Klyaver has posted a video which shows how manly arms brutal by without my little boy shaving machine hair clipper. The result of the experiment, the fans saw only this morning, when Denis gave him a picture of his happy successor. Daniel obviously liked it a fashionable hairstyle. And, though son of the star — bright blond hair, he wants to be like dad. And the Klyaver just very similar hair!

Photo: Instagram

By the way, the Klyaver a couple of years ago changed her image and refused long hair, which was worn for many years while singing “Tea for two” Stas Kostyushkin. And recently began to doubt whether he did, after all, the fans came to know and love him with long hair. And Klyaver taken a vote on my Instagram. According to the results of counting of votes of the leaders had escaped the current image of the singer. Denis has decided not to grow hair.