Олеся Судзиловская показала фигуру в бикини
43-year-old actress is in great shape.

Photo: Instagram

Olesya Sudzilovskaya was satisfied with the vacation that she is this year held in Ibiza. Despite the fact that the resort is famous for trendy get-togethers and Nightclubs, Olesya went there with the children, 8-year-old Bob and seventeen-month-old Mike. Well, with her beloved husband Sergei, too, of course.

“It was a great stay! All the minutes together, says the actress. — Children’s Wake-up parents, joint felting, cartoons, family-Breakfast-lunch-dinner, evening drinking games. Read books, learned poems, a new skill, swimming with mask and snorkel, reducing the time on all styles in swimming, cooking new dishes! The increasing demands in the gym, “” dad, endless reading! Well, this long-awaited “working” mom. Three read the script, one of them with pleasure, watching movies (rare to be at the screen, not to hurry and press the pause), a set of muscle mass… to Sum up: the plan was fulfilled and overfulfilled!”

Enhanced training in the gym definitely gave the result. On the last day of vacation Oles published a photo in the open bathing suit. Despite the failure of conventional diet (well, who on vacation does not allow himself too much?), her figure looks perfect!

The actress recently shared how she manages to keep in shape. Turned out, it’s all about eating fruits, vegetables and nuts.

“On the question of diet: more fruits (in the morning) and vegetables (cucumber is a simple and late evening), — says the actress. — For snacking throughout the day (meals should be 5), you will need dried fruits and nuts that contain essential body oils and fats. This morning, enthusiastically ate a mango, and the rest of the family enjoyed the berries!”