VIDEO: dancing on broken dishes — Alla Pugacheva with friends and I met spring

ВИДЕО: танцы на разбитой посуде — Алла Пугачева с друзьями встретила весну
Diva lit at a party surrounded by her closest friends.

Last Sunday Alla Pugacheva collected closest friends at their annual holiday yellow flowers. Traditionally the first Sunday in March and the prima Donna throws a party in honor of the coming spring. This time the leitmotif of the star of the feast was the theme of Olympus.

ВИДЕО: танцы на разбитой посуде — Алла Пугачева с друзьями встретила весну

Maxim Galkin, Alla Pugacheva and Philip Kirkorov

Photo: @kirkorovofficial (Instagram Philip Kirkorov)

At the spring festival were invited to the artist’s husband, Maxim Galkin, Philip Kirkorov, Igor Nikolaev with his wife Julia proskurjakova, the singer Jasmine, Nikolai Baskov and many others. Hostess for the evening was presented by luxury bouquets consisting of yellow flowers. In addition, Alla received a gift from Kirkorov amazing jeweled brooch.

Gift Of Philip Kirkorov

Photo: @fkirkorov Instagram Philip

Herself a Diva personified this evening spring: she was clothed in delicate shades of blue, and her head was adorned with a wreath of flowers. During the feast a Diva, as always in this occasion, solemnly declared: “Spring is resolved!”, marking the end of winter.

The evening ended with dancing on broken dishes strewn with flower petals. The smashing crockery was attended by all guests, but the first dance on the ruins, of course, honor the hostess of the evening.