Gluk’oza has provoked rumors about plastic surgery

Глюк'оZа спровоцировала слухи о пластической операции
Subscribers wondering about the origin of the magnificent bust of the singer.

Глюк'оZа спровоцировала слухи о пластической операции

Candid photos — “skate” Natalia Ionova. The singer regularly pleases its subscribers in social networks zesty frames. The artist showed a black-and-white portrait in which he appeared naked. But this time the photo is not caused rave reviews from fans. The fact that the published picture was taken a few years ago. Looking at it, fans came to the conclusion that Natalie had plastic surgery and her current bust — the merit of first-class plastic surgeon.

“Before, without a camera we have not held any party… Pictures to social programs: “I love this”!” — wrote Natalia.

“And then she put implants…”, “would Love real I would not go to a new breast surgeon”, “How much Kale I had to eat to the chest after the two children was the same as now?” “Yes, and as a result have half of show business on one person. It’s all because they love themselves real. Yes!” — quipped fans. However, there were those who felt that Natalia has the right to dispose of his body as it pleases. And if she wanted to improve breast shape, plastic surgeon, it is completely her right.

By the way, some time ago Ionova “caught” on the use of photoshop. Singer edited a picture from vacation with her husband, increasing by a computer program, a place just below the back.