ВИДЕО: Екатерина Варнава удивила сменой стиля
Star Comedy Woman completely abandoned the image of the “femme fatale”.

The appearance of Catherine Barnabas since the appearance on television of the project “Comedy Woman” has undergone major changes. Some time ago, the artist lost a lot of weight and became almost unrecognizable, and not so long ago, she has decided to get rid of “stuck” to her image of the “fatal beauty” a sudden change of style. Now Barnabas off stage prefers the clothes of sports style. Your new image Catherine added points in the frame of the round form, which recently practically does not leave.

Yekaterina Varnava

Photo: @Instagram kativarnava Catherine Barnabas

Recently, the star of the new image went with her fiancé is a dancer and choreographer Konstantin Myakinkova in Los Angeles. Upon arrival the couple first went to see local sights. Started our tour at the Hollywood Ekaterina and Konstantin with a visit to Universal Studios. There they took a ride on one of the rides, a trip on which future husband Barnabas took video.