Елизавета II едва не погибла из-за оплошности своего гвардейца
The cause of PE was the insomnia Queen.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip


As it became known, an accident almost took the life of a 90-year-old Elizabeth II.
This was told recently, the reporter of The Times newspaper, the perpetrator of the incident.

The Queen, who despite his advanced age, until recently, kept
vigor and good health, yet suffered from a lot of annoy
her chronic ailments — insomnia. But since Elizabeth was not used
to be discouraged, in cases when sleep stubbornly from her “ran away”, she prefers
not to lie in bed and walk in the fresh air, hoping to doze off after
walk. The Queen could afford even a night walk through the area around the
Buckingham Palace, not fearing for his safety — after all, the residence of Elizabeth
is strictly guarded. But just this fact nearly cost
the Queen of life.

As told by the perpetrator of the incident, who asked not to be named, in the
the night he patrolled the area around the Palace. Then, in the darkness suddenly there was unclear
a dark figure. The guardsman called out to the unknown, but because he did not respond
immediately, the guard decided that he was dealing with the intruder, the intruder in possession
Queen. He was about to shoot, but decided to repeat his question. What
it was a shock when the guardian heard the voice of Elizabeth! “Oh my God, Your
Majesty, I hardly You do not shot!!!” in horror he muttered, when
the Queen approached. “Nothing, you
performed their duty. Next time I’ll warn you so You don’t
had for me to shoot!” — answered the Queen.

However, for the last time nobody saw Elizabeth for
outside of her chambers not only at night but during the day. As previously reported, shortly
before Christmas the Queen had contracted the flu. Her husband, also
picked up this disease, has long been in the ranks, although he is 5 years older
Elizabeth. But the Queen herself is unhealthy so far. Because of its condition it
was had to miss not only Christmas, but Christmas
the service, which has not happened for over 30 years. Moreover, since the beginning of her illness
and still, Elizabeth never appeared in public. What are the grounds for
for the constantly circulating rumors about a possible close to the forced abdication
the Queen’s state of health.