Победительница «Голоса» Дарья Антонюк: «Я знаю, почему ко мне столько негатива!» The singer told about how her life has changed after the project. The girl had to face stigma and even abuse. The triumph of the talented singer for many television viewers, came as a surprise, but because Daria Antonyuk forced to fend off the attacks of strangers.

      Recently on the First channel is over the fifth anniversary season of the main vocal show “the Voice.” But somehow the debate about who should have won – already known to the audience Alexander Panayotov or winning in the end, the 20-year-old Daria Antonyuk – still do not cease. About why so occurs and what the girl has fallen so much negativity, the singer herself told the “StarHit”.

      “I did not expect that after the victory to me draw so much attention, – says Dasha. Good, of course, more, but bad enough. I know why I focused so much negativity – can’t please everybody. Anyway, someone will hate you. This is normal, and I’m not surprised. Write nasty comments on social networks, saying that it was an unfair win. Just a lot of people who believed in the victory of Sasha, and then takes and wins the kind of twenty-year-old girl.”

      While Antoniuk supports Panayotov and even understands why the singer has decided to participate in the show. “He wanted to re-assert itself, and that’s fine. Everyone has a chance to come on “the Voice” and fight for victory. He was supported by stars and a large army of fans, but he was honest. He took a great effort to make this step and to go back to participate in a television project. This is generally a program for everyone: for established artists, and for people like me, whose journey is just beginning,” – says Dasha. Alexander Panayotov criticized the final results show of “the Voice”

      It is interesting that, in addition to mentor – Leonid Agutin – the girl was supported by other members of the jury. “Dima Bilan has repeatedly been approached and asked how I was doing and wished me good luck. Polina Gagarina even think about me very sick, always worried. But of course, the biggest worry was Leonid Nikolaevich. We have a very good relationship. It is often called, “Dasha, how are you? Do not hurt? Walk less, drink vitamins and anti-viral!” Took care of me.”

      By the way, while Simon was on tour, they rehearsed numbers on the phone, in order not to lose time. However, before the final artist was sick and couldn’t sing at all. “Going into the final, which was held live for the first time, I almost sang this song. To rehearse because of illness does not work. Overall, I am satisfied, but I know that this is not my finest moment. Soon will begin to create a song and video that win gave me a million”.