Полина Гагарина подогрела слухи о своей беременности
The singer was struck by the outfit at the festival, Grigory Leps “Christmas at Rosa Khutor”.

Polina Gagarina

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Polina Gagarina, it seems, has finally ceased to hide their “interesting position”. At the gala concert held in the festival, Grigory Leps “Christmas at Rosa Khutor”, the singer came on stage in an elegant black dress, stressing the changes in her figure. Anyway, to such conclusion the assembled colleagues and audiences who were delighted by the shining Polina and her talented performances. However, to reveal the intrigue, the singer did not become, and any comments on possible imminent addition to the family did not give.

Recall that the rumors that Polina will soon become a mother for the second time appeared a few months ago. But no obvious changes in the life of the stars fans have not noticed. It with the same regularity appeared at social events and to the latest release worked hard as a mentor on the set of the popular TV show “the Voice.”

In Sochi, Gagarin flew in the company of his beloved wife — Dmitry Iskhakov and nine-year-old son, Andrew. Before the performance of the star family will be complete often was out on the slopes: the husband of the actress with the son mastered the ski, Pauline enjoyed the views of the local beauty. Incidentally, the singer said that the opportunity to visit the famous resort turned out to be her first.