Paparazzi caught Ben Affleck married in the company of a young blonde

Папарацци подловили женатого Бена Аффлека в компании молодой блондинки
The actor was discouraged by the appearance of reporters.

Ben Affleck


Recently 44-year-old Ben Affleck surprised his fans: he was caught on
the streets of Los Angeles a sweet young blonde. The actor was clearly
annoyed by the unexpected appearance of photographers. They got Affleck in the moment
when he came out of the restaurant, where, how did the scout reporters
subsequently, the actor and his companion had feasted on Japanese cuisine. And,
the girl who radiantly smiled, literally “hung” on his arm. Report on
this incident appeared on the pages of the publication

Towards evening, as found to follow a couple of paparazzi, a couple
was going to a party at a friends house Affleck. However, the initial assumption
that blonde is the new fiancee Ben, apparently, wrongly. In any case, according to the Internet site companion Affleck
for actor, not for romantic reasons. She is a certified honey.
worker, founder of services that help customers to get out of the binges and periods
abuse of other not healthy substances. Firm Elizabeth weaver is the name the girl works exclusively
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maintaining sobriety.

Rumors that Affleck abusing alcohol, go for a long time. As claimed,
his drinking and out of control passion for the card game, in addition to
his affair with Christine ouzounian, an important reason that forced in 2015 his wife Jennifer garner file for divorce. However, the official divorce was never completed.
And, according to friends of Affleck, actor
which is the last year tried to behave around hoping to stop
divorce and family back, it is very important to prove to garner that
he can live without alcohol. However, how this will end — will show time.