Видео с дочкой Арарата Кещяна взорвало Интернет The star of “Univer” shared a fun video featuring the heiress. The older girl wakes up in a rather unusual way – Eva goes to the parents. The man shared with fans details of growing up girls.

      Actor TV series Ararat, Kesan one of those who tries to conceal a personal life. Perhaps that is why subscribers are so looking forward to posts dedicated to the family of the artist.

      On the days star dad made an exception and posted a video with the part of little Eva. Girl gets on top of the bed right in the face of the parent. On the background of the recording heard the laughter of the wife of Ararat Catherine. He Kesan trying to restrain emotions, and ironically comment on the events.

      “Good morning. I have a message for you: the kids are great! Children are wonderful! Every touch of a child is like an angel’s wing caressing your soul. Good morning all and have a nice day!” wished a happy father.

      The post he signed briefly: “And woke classically: jump kicks to the chest!” Subscribers were ecstatic, and immediately made a repost of the video. Those wishing to Express their emotions, too, were under the entry more than a thousand messages.

      “God! How funny it is! I thought this monkey’s just me! Every day, these typical games with our dad: to ride, to tread and all that”, “Laugh to tears! We have the same thing!” “I scattered to all the friends Arthur you’re very cool! Generally with a sense of humor you have! Daughter the charm!”, “You are a wonderful dad! All day praising you husband!”, “I “Univer” favorite series! Just because you are watching. There used that you are a student, and then you have won a daughter big. But funny, of course, is very. Especially when on the face,” he wrote to fans.

      By the way, in the last few years the schedule of the actor became even more dense. The head of the family cannot conduct the house as much time as he’d like. For a rare meeting with her beloved in the last year has complained about Katya herself. “The house is not seen, but in Peter lucky,” said the young mother in the microblog.

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      But despite this, Kesan very hard to be together with the beloved. Recently, a woman with her husband first appeared in “Instalarme” video with fans, and after he told about it in detail.

      “Yesterday we had a spontaneous trial live. I felt under the gun a few hundred views and a minute after the beginning I didn’t know what to do. Think: “why are we doing this?” The answer came immediately: “Yes just to have fun.” So we started to drool and laugh”. In General, Botagoz you got yesterday. I’m sorry. Now Ararat knows that there is such an unusual and beautiful name for a girl. Do so many cities we’ve been. The most popular comment yesterday: “Say something in Kazakh. And so many compliments, of course. Thank you.”