Татьяна Буланова с размахом отметила день рождения в клубе The birthday girl had a fun holiday in the company of friends. Tatiana Bulanova sang and danced in one of the institutions of St. Petersburg, where they invited friends and colleagues. In the Network appeared photos and video of the singer.

      Татьяна Буланова с размахом отметила день рождения в клубе

      A week ago, fans and family of the famous singer Tatyana Bulanova congratulated her with birthday. On this occasion, the actress threw a party at one of the clubs of the Northern capital. Flowers, balloons, gifts, candy and compliments – guests generous gifts to the hero of the occasion. Very beautiful not only received congratulations, but also actively entertained friends.

      So, the peers, honoured artist of Russia Sergey Rogozhin – laid out in Instagram video made in the middle of the event. It Bulanova sings his own song “the neverending story” and in turn passes the microphone to the guests. The video also was the girlfriend of the stars leading TV channel “Friday” Ekaterina Lyubimova.

      Bombastic evening dresses with Tatiana to your holiday, chose a stylish white blouse. The woman looked very modern.

      Interestingly, the celebration of the 48th birthday the singer has arranged for several days later. The birthday party she met in the company of ex-husband Vladislav Radimov. “Hometown, dear Tatiana! Happy birthday, krasotulka!” – signed a post dedicated to the ex-spouse man.

      Recall that despite the divorce and Bulanova Radimov, which was accompanied by loud scandal, they remain friends. Then a former lover of her husband stars of the 90s to the whole country said communication with him and frankly told the audience about the relationship with the then married Vladislav.

      Tatyana Bulanova about the mistress of her husband: “I feel sorry for that person”

      “To me it was fun to watch. I know Vlad very well, so understand that somewhere she was telling the truth, and then lied. Divorce, in any case, we had not for her. It this performance snubbed. I feel sorry for this man. She herself came up with the story. Girls don’t need to get involved with a married! Wait until they are released”, – said the singer.

      By the way, the numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva believes that sincere communication of ex-lovers doesn’t just happen. The woman said “StarHit” that the situation may change, and the couple will once again reunite.

      “Marriage and Bulanova Radimov was unequal: the athlete dominated the marriage, because Tatiana has a very low self-esteem, continues Clara. Vladislav was never enough warmth, because Tanya, despite the apparent softness, the man is tough enough. But I’m not sure what the relationship of the singer and the football player came to an end. It is possible that they will converge and even get married – the singer has such thoughts,” suggests Clara.