Звезду «Династии» задержали за езду в нетрезвом виде

Linda Evans, star of the once popular TV series “Dynasty” was detained by police for driving in a condition of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication. Law enforcement authorities fear that the celebrity could have killed himself and others. This incident took place three years ago, but this time the artist managed to hide the incident from the media.

Звезду «Династии» задержали за езду в нетрезвом виде
According to the publication, RadarOnline, 74-year-old Linda was arrested in may 2014. Police noticed a suspicious drive her Jeep Cherokee 1990, and asked the driver to undergo a medical examination. In fact, the result they knew Evans could hardly stand on his feet and generally acted inappropriately.

“I was afraid that the car will kill someone,” recalls the police officer who conducted the arrest. In the bag Linda had discovered 29 pills pink. As explained to militiamen star of the screen, they have was her, to relieve the back pain. The alleged medications she lent a compassionate friend who could not watch as Linda in pain. But the police didn’t believe the actress, and immediately realized that it was a lie.
Evans began to convince the police that just goes to the doctor. When asked to provide a driver’s license, Linda, pomposelli in the pocket, showed them my.. credit card. Later, it became clear that she intentionally lied to law enforcement officers. A medical examination Evans came out, holding the car – she literally could not stand on his feet.
As it became known, Linda, you have lost the right to drive a car until the end of 2016 was on probation, miraculously escaped prison.