Звезду сериала «Пятая стража» едва не забрали в полицию
Actress Laura Reznikov became the heroine of a new TV series for NTV.

Lora Reznikova with actor Nikolai Serdceva

Photo: NTV

Actress Lora Reznikova threw a tantrum in one of the courtyards
capital, than has angered residents of neighboring houses so that those called
police officers. It happened on the filming of “Witnesses” for TV
NTV. Since many of the series were filmed on location, filmmakers often
had to deal with people who are far from the world of cinema and are not always ready
to suffer inconveniences… So, one of the scenes was shot near normal living
home. In the story, Lora Reznikov, playing a psychologist-physiologist Margaret
Koretsky, was hysterical, crying loud and screaming, experiencing
personal grief. Employed in the TV series actors crowd scenes, allegedly unhappy with the noise
should be shouting from the balcony: “What is it? I will call the police!”

“Nobody expected what’s going to work some “neighborhood
the collective unconscious,” and Muscovites — the real residents of the house
rebelled, really gonna call the police,” says Laura.

Realizing that now have to deal with the guards
and hold, and then transfer the shoot, the Director asked the actress to talk
enraged residents in the name of her character, a psychologist. Laura agreed, and
the game began.

“The Director told us surrounded by angry people:
“Please don’t call the police — we have a psychologist, let’s talk
quietly,” smiles Laura. And I had to resolve a situation allegedly from
the face of a professional psychologist, to reassure everyone, asking to call back the police and cancel the call”.

The role of the psychologist Laura managed not only on the screen: the residents subdued, calmed down, and the crew continued to work.