Шарлиз Терон подпортила свою красоту
The actress suffered due to their own diligence.

Шарлиз Терон подпортила свою красоту

Charlize Theron


Charlize Theron in the film “Tully”


Charlize Theron has admitted that she recently received an unfortunate injury. 41-year-old actress
has lost two teeth, with the result that we had to prosthetics. Unpleasant
manipulation in the chair the dentist she had to be virtually without interruption
from work. The fact that this whole story took place in the midst of shooting a new
movie actress — Thriller “Atomic

work on the project has just begun, Theron had serious doubts
about how she’ll cope at all with the challenge. The problem
was that Charlize was entrusted the role of deadly spy, can
to cope with any enemy, and almost all the stunts the actress had to perform

“Usually these roles are played, or men, or Angelina Jolie. And after two
the first weeks of intense training I decided to have a serious talk with the Director.
“After all, I’m just going to pretend that scattered “single-handedly” attacking me
healthy guys?” — I asked. And was shocked when I heard: “No, you
have to scatter them truly!”, — told Charlize.

the end, she had to strain to the limit and at some point in
time for another fight scene when she’s completely run out of power, Theron,
a desperate attempt to finish the episode to the end, clenched her jaw with such force,
the tooth just fell apart…

exploits in the name of art Charlize does is already far not the first time. To
example, she has no time, no fear of forever “hit” your metabolism, fat and
lose weight for roles. So for her role in “Monster” she is in 2004, she gained 13 pounds, and
then, promptly threw them in less than a month since started
shooting of her next film. And last year it even exceeded its
achievement, the future for the movie “Tully” by as much as 16 kg, which also
got rid of in a short time.