VIDEO: at the celebration of my daughter Jasmine gathered the cream of Russian show-business

ВИДЕО: на празднике дочки Жасмин собрались сливки российского шоу-бизнеса
The singer was invited to a children’s party distinguished guests.

Daughter Jasmine Margarita celebrated its first anniversary. In honor of her birthday, the singer threw a big party. At a Banquet attended by the most prominent representatives of the domestic world of show business. Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov, Tatyana Navka with her husband and daughter, Kristina Orbakaite, family Yudashkina, Olga Orlova is only a small part of the guests who came to congratulate the singer and her daughter.

ВИДЕО: на празднике дочки Жасмин собрались сливки российского шоу-бизнеса

Jasmine, Phillip Kirkorov, Dmitry Peskov, Tatiana Navka

Photo: @tatiana_navka Instagram Tatiana Navka

From the beginning of the evening guests were entertained by invited entertainers. In adults at this time had the opportunity to discuss the most pressing issues. The apotheosis of the evening was the rain of shiny confetti and a performance of Marguerite. The girl spoke for the first time in front of such a respectable audience. It is possible that the daughter Jasmine will follow in the family footsteps and become a singer.

Jasmine, Marina and Galina Yudashkina, Olga Orlova and Tatyana Navka

Photo: @tatiana_navka (Instagram Tatiana Navka)

However, Margaret is still plenty of time for choosing a future profession. Not so long ago, with the permission of the mother, the girl was a personal video blog in which she talks about cooking in English.