Няня спасла ребенка Айзы Анохиной
A businesswoman told about his strange behavior.

Svetlana Anokhina

Photo: @aizalovesam Instagram

ISA Anokhin in his microblog shared with subscribers of experiences. She said that the other day in Bali, where she now lives with her husband and two young children, started a small earthquake. This natural phenomenon ISA was found not for the first time, but was absolutely not ready.

“I came home, changed clothes Elvis, Sam turned on the cartoon, the husband spent to surf and went into the shower) Elvis with the nanny downstairs, Sam in his room and I in mine. Come out of the shower, it’s slippery to go — the floor tile, I reach the chair and just want to start dressing like started to shake the house… the earthquake! Then I hear shouts downstairs: the nanny screams, and Sam screams… Runs up to me, screaming! — said Anokhin. And I’m starting to cover a laugh… Think it’s shock! But in a head one thought: “this ends now”. I understand that for Sam it is better to run out of the house!”

In the end, to the moment when ayza still dressed and went out with a senior son on the street, her nanny with a little boy managed to run away to a safe distance from homes. “Nanny was already on the street far from home. How is she so fast with Elvis ran away, it is still necessary to be able to… But her fear forced to act immediately!”

Incidentally, four months ago Anokhin gave of their birth show. The ex-wife of rapper Guf gave birth to live, which caused the disapproval of many of its subscribers.