ВИДЕО: Анастасия Шубская «оторвалась» на грандиозном девичнике
Girlfriend wanted to surprise his daughter Vera Glagoleva original themed party.

Although Anastasia Sumska formally for almost a year as married to Alexander Ovechkin, the official celebration on this occasion will take place only in the near future. And just ahead of daughter Vera Glagoleva waiting for the wedding, so there must be and a bachelorette party. Late night Anastasia got from their girlfriends as a gift a Grand party.

Anastasia Sumska, Anna and Maria Nahapetova

Photo: @anahapetova Instagram

To design a holiday friend Subsky approached with humor: the place where was the slumber party, literally everything was made to symbolic sheep. These beautiful animals reminded Anastasia that she is now — Ovechkin, wife of famous hockey player.

Dress code parties became jeans and a plain white t-shirts. On the clothes of Anastasia, as expected, sported a proud inscription: “Bride!”. She decorated the cake in pink color with the sheep, holding in his mouth a hockey stick.

A bachelorette party had invited many friends of the wife of Alexander. Among them was sister, Anastasia, Maria and Anna Nahapetova.