Svetlana permjakova has no regrets that his father spent his last days in a nursing home

Светлана Пермякова не жалеет, что отец провел последние дни в доме престарелых
The actress spoke about why I did not care about the Pope.

Svetlana Permyakova

Photo: @s_permyakova Instagram Svetlana Permyakova

The courage of Svetlana Permyakova can only envy. In the life of the actress repeatedly through the tragedy, but always remained optimistic. It so happened that the star of “Interns” at different times, lost three brothers and mother, and after them passed away, and her father.

He lived his last years in a nursing home, where he determined Svetlana. Of its decision, the actress is not a bit sorry, because it is due to the tight schedule she could not take care of bedridden father. So she picked up for him a place where he lived in a separate house, furnished like home. Father Svetlana called the boarding house his home and was there for overnight care. Permyakov came to dad every month for five days.

“What’s worse or better – let’s solve it. Or the person lies at home and rot alive, or put under the supervision of experts. I wanted to hire a nurse. But I would need three, because of the lying need special care. But to find a good nursing home – is still a problem!” — said the actress in the show “the Secret to a million.”

The conversation about how to translate father from Perm to Moscow came in the house to Svetlana many times. But, having arrived a couple of weeks, the father was asked to return and never wanted to return to the capital. But for the time spent in Moscow, he met with his granddaughter, Barbara. The daughter Permyakova now for four years. Svetlana wants to have another baby, but don’t really understand if her current man as the father.