Beyonce is going to cash in on their twins

Бейонсе собирается нажиться на своих близнецах
Fans learned about “new” names of the children of the singer.

Beyonce and Jay-Z

Photo: @beyonce (Beyonce Instagram)

Beyonce again puzzled his fans. Singer
still not managed to find the time to tell the fans the names of their twins
which, according to the overseas media, were born more
two weeks ago, or at least confirm the fact of birth. However, she has managed to place a new trade
stamps on two names. And, as many thought fans of the singer, so original
the image of the singer and her husband announced to the world how they named their twins. After all
shortly before this, Beyonce has turned into a trademark the name of their eldest daughter
Blue Ivy.

However, very extravagant, was not
only the method of publication of names. Both registered trademarks more
than the original themselves. If fans got everything right, Beyonce
named their daughter in honor of the Persian poet of the 13th century, Rumi, and the son even more
suddenly Sir Carter! Although close to Beyonce said that children called Bey and Sean.

In General, the atmosphere of secrecy, which the singer
surrounded the birth of their twins, began to irritate and offend even
their most loyal fans. It all really looks quite strange. After all
when she was born the eldest daughter of Beyonce from her husband Jay Z, she did not make her appearance on
light in a highly classified operation. Moreover, during her second pregnancy,
almost up to the birth, the singer fell asleep phantom “tons” of photos and willingly
reported the details of how she carries “interesting position”…
The only explanation for the current secretive behavior Beyonce could be
the condition of the twins, suspiciously not long been discharged from
hospital. But on this topic the singer is yet to speak is not going…