ВИДЕО: Алла подралась с Филиппом Киркоровым
The heiress of the singer proved that he can take care of himself.

Philip gave their children the tale: he brought Martin and Alla-Victoria for a few days in Disneyland. It was there that the artist continued to celebrate the first anniversary of his son, the party which was held recently. The king of the pop scene had a fun time with your heirs in a “fantasy world”.

Philip was enjoying the rides as a child, but the Martin and Alla do not really share dad’s enthusiasm. Most likely, a bad mood star children was due to the fact that they are tired from the hustle and bustle of the large crowds.

Kirkorov, not wanting to miss the moment, filming everything that happens around the camera and at some point, once again calling out his daughter, he received her in the eye. Funny video with “fight” actor and his daughter were posted online.

“Well, for dessert! For all the dad’s disneylandesque extreme antics got daddy in the eye from his beloved daughter!” — shared with subscribers of Philip. Fans noticed that Alla-Victoria, probably inherited a temper from his famous dad.

By the way, the company Kirkorov and his children made the singer Zara, who went to Disneyland with his two sons: Daniel and Maxim.