54-летний Квентин Тарантино собрался, наконец, жениться
The Director confirmed his engagement.

Quentin Tarantino and Daniella Rush


The other day
Quentin Tarantino has surprised his fans. The fact that the 54-year-old
the Director, who has repeatedly said that he is ready to sacrifice personal life
because it hinders his work, announced that he proposed to his
girlfriend Daniella Rush!

Quentin confirmed the engagement on his
a page in a social network. However, and Daniella that reporters attacked
questions, also did not hide his joy: “Yes, it’s true! We are both very
happy and excited!” she said to the reporter, a news Agency, Pnai Plus. According to the Agency, Tarantino
proposed to my beloved on Friday, presenting her the ring with

Of the bride the Director is known not too much. Danielle
— Israeli singer, and she’s 32.
Quentin met her back in 2009-m year, when he came to Israel during
the advertising company of her movie “Inglourious
bastards.” But while Tarantino was just possessed by a thirst for creativity and
believed that personal life is for him incompatible with active work.

“When I
make a movie, I only work and do not do at this time, nothing else. It looks like
on the ascent to Everest. After all, when you climb up the mountain, you’re in it
time do nothing? I have no wife, no kids, and
no distractions from work. Of course, this does not mean that I never
marry, but I prefer to go my way alone!” — then said
Tarantino. Therefore, novel Danielle it at that time
turned out — they are soon parted.

last year, Quentin and Danielle resumed their relationship. Most likely,
Tarantino has stepped up his personal
life because he decided to “retire”. “I’m not going
to make a movie when I have finished my 10th movie!” he announced some time ago. And since Quentin had already carried out his plan, he can now with a clear conscience to engage in family life.