Приятельница певицы Елки открыла тайны ее прошлого A friend of the actress recalled how she had shaved bald and treating wounded birds. As it turned out, the Tree was very bold and did not hesitate manifestations of his personality. “StarHit” learned that the celebrity was hiding over the years.
Приятельница певицы Елки открыла тайны ее прошлого

Singer Tree July 2 marks 35. This nickname is 11 years, Lisa has received at the hands of classmates, since the alias was her second name. Today, the artist has toured extensively and rarely appears at social events. But at school the next celebrity was sociable: played in the team KVN “Chamber №6” the native Ukrainian Uzhgorod and then traveled to neighboring Hungary. There Tree not only went to rock concerts and walked the streets, but certainly looked at local second hand stores. About love girls to unusual outfits, manifested already in the early years, says her friend Victoria.

War paint

“When I first saw the Tree, it was wearing the shoes on a huge platform, – says Vika. – Such at that time was at the height of fashion, but wore them only the most desperate.

“I want to be friends with her”, – flashed in my head, and literally five minutes later we have nice chatting. These shoes, by the way, was on top of me – with the Tree often exchanged clothes and shoes. Both loved big, flashy accessories – necklaces, bracelets… of Course, the denim bell bottoms and bright shirts stood out against the rest of young people and often hear surprised whispers behind us but he didn’t bother. Tree in General from an early age had an opinion and wasn’t paying attention to what others say.
Приятельница певицы Елки открыла тайны ее прошлого

This trait she owes mom Marina Eduardovna, which has always supported their daughters ‘ desire to Express themselves. For example, primary school teacher tried to force left-handed Lisa to write with the right hand. Aunt Marina was not lazy and found in Wikipedia that do not need to retrain, it is fraught with problems in child development. So her daughter was the only one in school who wrote with the left hand.

With understanding mom and dad Christmas Tree reacted to the fact that in 15 years, she shaved her head and pierced ear and being older, every month, changed the color of his short hair: they were orange, then blue. Often her stylist was I cut and dyed my friend on the balcony. As much as we loved the makeup! We had lots of lipsticks and shadows, they are constantly changing. Loved the circle as it follows a black eye, to draw bright lips – not to notice us on the street was impossible.”


Приятельница певицы Елки открыла тайны ее прошлого

At that time Lisa had her first tattoo – a scalloped spiral on the left shoulder. She consciously came to that decision. She was a comrade Anton, tattoo artist. After watching his work, the Christmas Tree came up with the idea of drawing on the body. In search of the pictures sat for hours on the sites. Like all those years, she had no access to the Internet from home, so my friend went to the cafe and read a lot about certain characters, their values”.

At the first tattoo, and cosmetics, the Christmas Tree has earned itself: a high school girl worked in a pharmacy.

“A tree never afraid of work, – says Vika. – Becoming older, she learned to Barista and served the people in the most popular institution of the city, visitors adored her, because Lisa is not only cooked an incredibly tasty coffee, but also always joking with the customers, genuinely interested in their Affairs.”
Приятельница певицы Елки открыла тайны ее прошлого

At school and work couldn’t distract a future star from the main passion – music. “While the Tree listened to different groups, – says Victoria. – Her house had a lot of Russian and Ukrainian cassettes with songs in the style rock. Girlfriend loved björk, the group “Mumiy Troll”, the singer Zemfira and Portishead. In the apartment my parents still have somewhere the band’s first album “the Knife for Frau Muller”, which I took Lisa to rewrite and then forgot to return”.

Also, a friend points out another feature Trees: a future star could not get past a distressed animal.

“She always fed stray dogs – says Victoria. – Wore them bread, sausage… And on the balcony of her grandmother lived birds – they, along with Lisa nursed them. Sometimes call a friend to walk and she refuses, saying that I have ligation a dove and then a Sparrow to wound care… Here is her big heart.”