Снимок дочки Сергея Шнурова вызвал негатив в Сети
The controversial artist told about the “virtues” 24-year-old Seraphina.

The Daughter Of Sergei Shnurov — Seraphim

Photo: @Instagram shnurovs Sergei Shnurov

Sergey Shnurov has pleased fans with rare photos adult daughters, the Seraphim. The controversial artist does not hide that is happy with result of the education of their children. In the caption to the photo he talked about the “virtues” 24-year-old daughter: “My daughter Serafima drinking, Smoking and swearing. We are proud!”

Statement by Sergei gave the fans confused and caused a wave of condemnation. “Daughter, sweet child, but still… nothing to be proud of!”, “This Pope seems so shamed daughter, And the daughter knows that her photo with such a comment you posted? Why?” “A lovely daughter, but addiction is evil…”, “it is Better to remove the photo, for her daughter not to disgrace!” — wrote Sergei. However, there was a lot of fans who believe that the story of the “achievements” of Seraphim is just a joke. “People! You do not understand sarcasm?” — supported by his fans.

Daughter of Sergei, by the way, he graduated from the philological faculty of St. Petersburg state University. And now Seraphim is working in the field of graphic design. Last year she played a modest wedding with her lover, working as a bartender. Seraphim is the only daughter of Sergei, born in marriage with Mary Ismaylovoy. Also the star is the son of Apollo.