“Fairy tale” Ilya Glinnikov rehearsing with the bride’s wedding journey

«Сказка наяву» Илья Глинников отрепетировал с невестой свадебное путешествие
The actor gave Ekaterina Nikulina romantic trip.

Looking at lovers Ilya Glinnikov and Catherine Nikulin will automatically start again to believe in fairy tales about love with a happy ending. In violation of tradition, the actor is likely to be the first hero of the show “the Bachelor” with a real wedding at the end of filming.

Recently lovers, not attracting too much attention, went together on a romantic trip to the Northern Mariana Islands. Ilya tries to clearly separate public and personal sides of your life. Therefore, he shared only one photo taken on vacation. It was photographed Catherine at sunset.

Fans suspect that Ilya with his beloved rehearse their wedding journey. Recently Glinnikov gave his beloved an engagement ring. He later said that he intended to marry Nikulina in his native Georgia. But to play the big wedding Glinnikov not want. Because of their profession it often happens at weddings and has “celebrated” its. Now Ilya dreams of a quiet family life.