Victoria romanet boast of millions of revenue

Виктория Романец кичится миллионными доходами Eks-the participant “Houses-2” receives impressive fees. According to the girl, the good money it brings advertising contracts in social networks. Victoria romanet satisfied with the constructed job, because its pages do specially hired people.

      Виктория Романец кичится миллионными доходами

      Many of the stars of the reality show can boast of demand among advertisers in Siesta. To the pages of young people, signed by hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions of people watching their daily life. This allows many heroes “Houses-2” to earn good money on advertising than they are willing to use. Perhaps, for anybody not a secret that artists ‘ fees for mentioning a brand on social media can reach hundreds of thousands of rubles. Not an exception and Victoria romanet. The girl is willing to accept offers of cooperation and, as a consequence, makes good money. As it turned out, in a month she receives one million rubles. To call such an impressive amount romanet is not shy – she said she should only be proud of their achievements.

      “Let’s start with the fact that my “Instagram” involved two people: a receptionist who keeps order in the profile and advertising Director, – has shared eks-the participant of a reality show. Every day I post one or two of the advertising post. Don’t like it when a lot of advertising. Barter is taken rarely, only if things are really expensive. One promotional post on my Instagram is worth 25 thousand rubles. It hangs for two weeks after publication three hours in the top. The advertiser gets a minimum of 30 000 likes and more than 200 000 views. In a month of promotional posts I make a million”.
      Виктория Романец кичится миллионными доходами

      Part of the funds Victoria gives the admin and advertising Director, and all the rest to spend on themselves. For anybody not a secret that the girl accustomed to a life of luxury – she prefers the way resorts, branded items and a rather costly leisure activities. In just one dinner in the restaurant romanet can pay about 7 thousand rubles. In short, at their whim striking brunette monthly spends significant amounts.

      However, Victoria recently decided to get a brand new car, and now she is forced to save. Long enough exposure the stars of the controversial TV show, time will tell. In an interview with “House-2” the girl hinted that it is ready to be patient.