Alena Kravets: “For the daughter I will fight to the last!”

Алена Кравец: «За дочь я буду бороться до последнего!» In an interview with “StarHit” the singer told about her difficult situation. The ex-husband of Alena Kravets forbids her to see a common child. However, the artist does not intend to tolerate this situation and intends to do everything to return the sole heir.

      Алена Кравец: «За дочь я буду бороться до последнего!»

      The story of the singer Alena Kravets has literally stirred up the entire community. In the program Andrei Malakhov “Let them talk” fragile blonde admitted that her former millionaire husband allowed himself to assault. She did not tolerate such an attitude, and therefore decided to tell the whole country. Alena Kravets and her ex-husband Ruslan growing nine-year-old daughter Danielle. However, in early November, the father literally stole a girl from her school that she saw mom. The recent attempt of the artist to communicate with a child ended in failure – Alain was forced to go to the emergency room. In an interview with “StarHit” Kravets openly talked about the struggle to daughter and relationship with her ex-husband.

      Alena Kravets told about the terrible life after her divorce from millionaire

      Alain, where there were recent bruises on your face, what happened?
      Алена Кравец: «За дочь я буду бороться до последнего!»On the eve of mother’s Day I wanted to see her daughter. I knew I brought her to class – she on Saturdays mugs, she plays sports, music. It is located in Odintsovo, near Rublyovka, so I decided to go by herself, without a guard. When I saw my little girl, I wanted to go, but her bodyguard wouldn’t let me even come close. Danielle tried to pull away to hug me, but the driver jumped out, and together they put the baby back in the car. The guard pushed me away so roughly that I didn’t stay on his feet and fell.—
      How long have you not seen daughter?
      Алена Кравец: «За дочь я буду бороться до последнего!»The third of November, the girl was taken away early from school. Before that I always had her come herself, but the ex-husband recognized that my shooting the video was, and I could not at this time to be near the school. Come after school and telling me that she had taken earlier. —
      But Daniella was not trying you to get in touch by phone?
      Алена Кравец: «За дочь я буду бороться до последнего!»Unfortunately, no. No my parents didn’t call, or relatives. I still don’t know where my baby is. Traveled to all locations where we have accommodation, and in a country house called – there is also silence. First ex-husband kept sending me mean texts like: “Mother, do not worry, you carry on with your life.” And now I’m calling and writing – he doesn’t even respond. The nurse, who was the child, too, had disappeared – not out with me. Maybe she was banned. —
      But the school has not tried with her daughter to meet?
      Алена Кравец: «За дочь я буду бороться до последнего!»Ex-husband then bring the daughter to school, then no. It was not in the classroom 10 days. I from morning to night guard at the school. The teacher asked me where Danielle and I had to answer that, perhaps the child was ill. I was so uncomfortable in front of them, but I didn’t give you all the details. One day I finally saw, she was screaming “mommy, Mommy, don’t worry, I’m fine”. And then in the car put me even to touch her was not given.

      You divorced six years ago, and the daughter stayed to live with you. As until that time the father spoke with the girl?
      Алена Кравец: «За дочь я буду бороться до последнего!»We agreed to do so that the child does not suffer. Arranged Sunday Lunches, all held in a neutral setting. But what got into him after this summer? He previously was the owner, then calmed down a bit, we could easily agree on everything, and now again a new wave went. —
      What was the reason for your divorce?
      Алена Кравец: «За дочь я буду бороться до последнего!»Constantly under pressure, despotism, total control. I’m a freedom – loving people choke when not allowed to do what I want. Began to feel that he treats me as property of some kind. It is strongly pressed, so I decided that we should not tolerate.—
      In the beginning of the relationship did not notice?
      Алена Кравец: «За дочь я буду бороться до последнего!»I just thought that it was not. I’m a psychologist by training and when I started to analyze the situation, realized that his behavior was an illusion. He actively took care of me, friends, fans drove even wanted me to have talked less with their parents! Wanted to possess me completely. I think that is why he made me the offer so quickly – within six months. Always wanted, so I gave up show business. Some say that allegedly he got me. Yes, he supported my endeavors, but no more. Begged to leave the stage that I can return this business to do, to travel as I want. And touring, shooting him irritated. Now it’s like he’s punishing me for everything. Knows that the child is the most precious thing I have.

      What made you want to tell a story about beating all over the country?
      Алена Кравец: «За дочь я буду бороться до последнего!»Probably your own fear. I thought, how can we stop it? Only disclose publicly. I thought if I remained silent, he could cross the line. This case is like an abscess opened – my friends, whom are friends for 10 years and more, was shocked. But they, in turn, told me similar stories. When Andrei Malakhov came to me so many letters poured in – I complained about a similar situation. All this got me thinking to create a Fund for the protection of women. Now the same is happening with total impunity. Women do not know their rights and are lost about what to do in a given situation. Psychological assistance is also necessary to provide. Bruises – Yes, it is unpleasant, but even harder to tolerate emotional pressure. —
      And you asked for help to a psychologist?
      Алена Кравец: «За дочь я буду бороться до последнего!»I have some friends psychologists, with them I went to University, they helped me a bit to sort myself out, come to their senses. I now even have some fear of men. In the beginning, everything is so beautifully groomed, and then there is aggression. I’m on night put guards around the house, close all the locks. Well, the parents arrive, girlfriends sometimes asked me to stay for a few weeks. There is a fear that the rush will be something to do. I already want to go faster to win back the child and go, aimlessly.

      Call you ex-husband after you came in the Studio “Let them talk” and spoke about his situation?
      Алена Кравец: «За дочь я буду бороться до последнего!»No, I don’t even know, he saw the program or not. Friends said that he probably saw because I went frustrated and angry. —
      What are you currently doing to get her daughter back?
      Алена Кравец: «За дочь я буду бороться до последнего!»We advocate Maya Sandler, preparing documents to file a claim. We waited for everything to be solved peacefully. She called his lawyer, he tried – to no avail. I am the daughter will not give up under any circumstances.

      Alain, you have probably analyzed a lot of what happened. What can you advise to the girls so they do not fall into such a situation?
      Алена Кравец: «За дочь я буду бороться до последнего!»Probably, it is necessary with such people to be tougher. Men see a fragile woman, their strength to exercise. Those who don’t appreciate a good attitude, it is necessary for the root to break off all communication. —
      You said you recently did the video. You still have time for creativity?
      This story takes me a lot of strength and energy. But for me creativity as an outlet. I know that psychologically it is impossible to dwell on their problems, so a little distracted from all the troubles for a while. Managed to record a video for the song “I wait for you”. Another composition “where the world ends,” as related to my situation. It is more philosophical, that people might think.